Bull-it has been our main partner since we started our journey in 2011. Working side by side to develop our materials in the motorcycle industry has allowed us to move quickly and continue our development as market leaders from the start. With the ever increasing popularity of motorcycle clothing with a ‘casual’ look the technology required to produce a product that goes above and beyond the current tests while maintaining that look becomes exponentially more difficult but with years of development there’s little to nothing we won’t try and create.

A message from Bull-it

In 2010 Bull-it was established with one goal, to create a product that excels, a product built to ride. Over the years we’ve collaborated with a wide range of rider groups, developing and adapting our products to ensure our position as one of the front runners within the motorcycle industry.

For 2013, we set the benchmark for motorcycle safety. The Veloce, the first CE level 2 motorcycle jean on the market, delivering unparalleled safety. Since then, we’ve gone on to assist organisations like the Fire department, Bike Safe Police teams, Superbike teams, Flat track, Long track, Speedway and Stunt riders to provide high performance protective solutions.

In 2017 Covec developed ‘Webtech’. The latest development in textile motorcycle protection. A high performance specially knitted synthetic material with impressive abrasive qualities, and low thermal conductivity. Designed for the track, approved by the FIM, and used in selective bull-it products. Giving the rider race level performance for the street. In addition to ‘Webtech’ we developed our first single ‘Oneskin’ denim jean. The Stealth range, ahead of its time, the Stealth range boasted AA performance in a single layer of denim. This development was made 2 years ahead of the new CE standard (17092)

By 2019 we further cemented our position as an industry leader in our field, leading the way with both AA rated ‘Tactical’ and AAA rated ‘Covert’ jeans. With these models available we were once again at the front of the line with innovation, being one of, if not the first to offer a full CE certified range under the newly introduced standard EN17092.

Now in 2021, we keep our spot amongst the top names in the industry. With our products being technologically sound, we’ve focused on building the personality of our range. With lighter blues, darker blacks and individual patch designs our products stand above the rest in performance, comfort and style.

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